I often hear people talk about how they’re never going to a certain church again because they don’t like the people who attend it. I believe that this is a huge mistake and what we fail to realize is that the people in the congregation are probably battling the same issues as we are. Some people go to church out of a religious tradition while others realize that they are not perfect and turn to God for help. A common misconception is that people who go to church live “pure” and “sanctified” lives as though they were Jesus Christ in the flesh and we become disappointed when they prove that they are human.  The type of people who attend a church should never be the deciding factor on rather or not you continue to visit or even join a church. It should simply be a question of rather you feel led by God to be there. We do not always get along with our siblings so why should it be any different with brothers and sisters in Christ? One of the very first things we learn once we give our lives to Christ is John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” God loves people, and when he’s wants to send us a blessing, most of the time its through a person so we should try to keep peace with one another. As Christians we must realize that the purpose of going to church is to worship, encourage others, study the word, and hear what God has to say to his church. We can not let others that attend a certain church hinder our spiritual growth and prevent us from hearing what God has to say to us.

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My Beautiful Black Woman I Could Never Love

It is a waste of time loving you because I can never make you feel loved. 
You associate aggression with strength and since I am mild mannered I can never make you feel loved.

Your fear of being taken advantage of creates a need for you to be in control but since I could never let my woman assume my role as her man I can never make you feel loved.

I would gladly protect, provide, and serve you but since you’ve been taught by reality shows that drama is the new form of passion I can never make you feel loved.
Why can you not see that I would love to give you more time? But in my eyes you are my queen and I am trying to conquer the world only so I can give it to you, but since you don’t understand I can never make you feel loved.

It is so sad that I have been praying for someone like you and you have been praying for someone like me but the harsh reality is that over the years my beautiful black woman you have been broken. You have been hurt time and time again and need to heal before I can properly love you. 
Before I can properly love you you must first learn how to completely love yourself so that you believe me when I tell you that because your flaws are a part of you, I love your flaws as well. 
My beautiful black woman instead of praying for a man, pray that God makes you whole so that I can meet and fall in love with the real you. The parts of you that someone lied to you in the past and told you to hide because if anyone ever knew the real you they would never accept you.
Pray that God heals your mind of the misconception that drama is needed because i promise I can make you feel passion in ways you never thought possible if only you understood how good letting me love you would be. I was made when you were made because I was made for you but the reason we have yet to meet is because God will never put on you more than you can handle and until you are done healing and once again whole…I can not love you.


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Does Black Lives Really Matter?

As an African American male I hear our culture constantly saying “Black lives matter” but do we really believe this? I come on Facebook daily just to see our black youth violently beat one another as others watch for entertainment. When did we begin to hate each other to the point where it is fun to witness one another in pain? The better question is why should other races value black lives when our culture does not even value black lives. I personally believe that some blacks are the reason why other cultures view us as animals because they are constantly watching us portrayed as such. I made the mistake of clicking on a video the other day of a group of 4 to 5 black males walking down the street. An elderly European lady referred to them as “Nig$&@” and instead of responding like an educated civilized person would, one of the young men grabbed the elderly lady and attempted to RKO her (which is a wrestling move for those that are not familiar with the phrase). Although the European lady was wrong for what she said, what gives a person the right to attack another like an animal because we do not like something they did or said? Not only does our black youth not respect authority, a lot of them do not even have respect for the elderly. Parents lets not wait until another one of our black youths are gunned down in the streets to start yelling “Black lives Matter” when we as parents are failing them at home. It is our job as parents to properly raise our kids to be respectful and educated members of society that will add value to society instead of becoming part of the problem. Yes there are police that use excessive force and unlawful practices but there are also many black lives that were lost because we failed them as parents! When will our people learn that “Thug Life” died with Tupac and it is not coming back! When will we realize that it is hard for our kids to get gunned down in the streets when they are not hanging in the streets to begin with? When our kids are 18 and enter society as young adults if they are not:-Educated

-Have a game plan on what they would like to do with their lives

-Understand that civilized adults can agree to disagree without putting their hands on one another

-Able to love and respect others regardless of race,sex,personal choices or religion

-Have a spiritual foundation 
If this has not been achieved in our 18 years of raising our kids then I feel as tho we have failed them as parents. You may agree or disagree with my view points but hopefully you will do your part at home to ensure that the kids we are raising at home are future lawyers, doctors, and politicians and not another number in the prison system.  

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Are We Selling out God for tithes and Offerings?

From observation, I am noticing more and more churches conforming to the ways of man instead of helping man to conform to the ways of Christ. Are we afraid that if people are offended by truth they will leave the congregation taking their tithe with them? Apostles of the early church were stoned for preaching the uncompromised word of God so why has the modern day church strayed from this practice? Did Jesus not say in Matthew 10:34-35
“Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth! I came not to bring peace, but a sword.
I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”
Therefore there is no need to dilute the word of God to “keep the peace” and retain members! If it is really “God’s House”……. will he really not provide for his own household?

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5:15 a.m. 4 Years Later…..

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I wrote this book for the purpose of teaching people how to understand and develop personal relationships with God. I feel that understanding who your heavenly father is and how he operates through relationship is the foundation for not only praying, but in getting prayers answered. At the age of eighteen I began to desire an intimate relationship with God after witnessing my best friend pray to God and instantly get a response. I saw firsthand how alive the God we serve was, and how this type of intimate relationship could be achieved with the right direction.
I believe the problem is not that God does not speak to his people, but that his people do not know how to hear his voice.

This book will teach:
• The proper perception we must have of God to form an intimate relationship.
• How to pray prayers that can actually be answered
• Hinderances that prevent prayers from being answered
• Certain requirements that must be present for a prayer to be answered.
• How to hear God’s voice
• And much more!….

As a bonus blessing, I have also included for my readers:
“The Seven Steps to Victory in a Crisis Situation.”


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Where is the Spouse that God has for you?

I hear people ask the question all the time, When will I meet the person that God has for me?

I began to really ponder on this topic and it “dropped in my spirit” that a person meets the one that God has for them when their life is aligned with the path that God has for it. The bible tells us that before any of us were ever born, God knew us and created a plan for our life. God “knew” us, so he knew that we would desire a signifigant other and incorporated it in his plan for our life. I believe that the issue a lot of us have is that we choose to create a path for our own lives, but yet we still want the blessing that God has for us on his path. A mental diagram would be two individuals at birth walking down two adjacent roads that are predestined to intersect and at this point , you meet the person that God has for you.

I believe that a lot of people are still waiting for the one that God has for them because they are on the wrong path, or the process is being delayed because the person God has for them is on the wrong path. So to answer the question of, where is the person that God has for me? …….drum roll….. On the path that God has created for your life. It is important to pray and ask God to align your life with his will. It is also important to pray for the person that he has for you as if you have already met. Ask God to remove people from your life that should not be in it, and to bring the people into your life that you will need to fulfill his purpose for your life. As God begins to bring people into your life, one of these people will be your signifigant other!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share!

* Keep an eye out for my new book “How to Pray…And Get Prayers Answered!” available on Amazon and Kindle, September 15th 2013

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Maybe Your Wife Doesn’t Submit because She Doesn’t trust You To Lead

I often hear men quoting Ephesians 5:22, that says for wives to submit themselves unto their husbands while forgetting to read verse 25. Ephesians 5:25 says for husbands to love their wives. In order for the wife to submit to the husband she must feel as though she is submitting simply out of love and not because she was dictated to do so.

When an outsider is looking in on a Christian marriage, they should see a similarity between the way the husband loves his wife and the way Christ loves the church. In 1 Corithians 13, the bible actually breaks down how we should love, amongst other things love is patient, love is kind, not self-seeking, keeps no record of wrong. How many men are really loving their wives to this degree?

I often hear men claiming to be the “head of their household”, but refuse to work while their wives do work and provide for the family. This same man will later wonder why the wife does not respect him and refuse to submit. Is it possible that the woman refuses to submit because she has assumed the roles and responsibilities of the man in the household and it becomes an insult to the woman for the man to claim a title that he has not yet earned?

If we go back to Genesis in the bible where Adam was given dominion over the garden of Eden and headship over his wife, the bible says that Eve was deceived but Adam sinned. Adam sinned because he allowed his wife to usurp his dominion and instead of leading his family, followed his wife into disobeying God.

We as men are not true leaders in our households if we are being lazy or passive and not moving in some sort of direction. If the man is not perusing something for the family, how is the wife suppose to follow?

The bible tells us that one of the roles of the wife is to be a “helper”, but if the man is sitting back passive or lazy what is there for her to help with?

I feel that this is a serious problem in our county that has been over looked for years trickling down into the next generations because our son’s are then taught this behavior through observation of the father and the cycle continues……

Please feel free to share and thanks for reading, God Bless


God Taught Me How to Love!!

As my last relationship ended, like many people I began to look inward at myself for things I may have subconsciously did to sabotage it. In the process I quickly realized that I knew how to express affection, knew how to communicate, but never learned how to love. I began to replay my childhood and being the product of a broken marriage no role models were present. I realized that my perception of love had derived from various movies watched over the years like “Boomerang” with Eddie Murphy and “Love Jones”. In all of my past relationships there was always a strong physical connection but never an emotional one. I would always see other couples out in intimate situations but never understood how to get a relationship of my own to this point. In the back of my mind I was afraid to let anyone get too close thinking that it was only a matter of time before that person would disappoint me. I began talking to God on a regular basis honestly because It became kind of therapeutic. While working I would tell God all of my deepest and darkest secrets I had never told a soul. It felt good to be able to talk so freely without having to worry about being judged or my secrets being thrown back in my face during an argument later. As I continued this routine God would sometimes allow me to experience his grace by doing nice things for me without me even asking him. This would only make me pursue him harder, not because of what he did for me but because of who he was. When I would have a bad day instead of calling my best friend I would call on God because he actually had the power to fix my situation. So now as I write this post at 5:49 in the morning, I realize that as I cast my pain and sorrows on God he began to heal me in places I never know I was hurt. The intimacy I always yearned for I found in God because of who he was I had no reason to put up defenses deflecting love and subconsciously sabotaging relationships. I learned how to properly love someone else by first being properly loved.

*The way a man loves his woman should always mirror the way God loves his church.*

– God Bless and please feel free to share!


God Where Are You???

Have you ever met a person that got saved a few years ago, walked with Christ for a while, then got discouraged for whatever reason and decided to go back to their old way of living? God being the loving father that he is does not chase behind us, he lets us exercise our free will and do our own thing. There can be trouble down the path that we are headed, God can know this and attempt to warn us, but if we insist on going down this path, who is God to stop us? We are free will agents, free from the curse, free to choose good or evil, and free to make a mess of our lives. We as humans decide to do life our way until we create a mess of it, then when problems become too much for us to bear we ask, God where are you? You promised to never leave me or forsake me so, where are you?………….

The answer to this question is very simple, God is exactly where you left him!!

God said in Hebrews 13:5 that “he will never leave you nor forsake you”, but he never said that you can not leave him. If you are going through the motions of life and feel as though you are all alone, go back to the point where you stopped following God. James 4:8 tells us to “draw near to God, and he will draw near to us”. So as you begin to walk back towards God, he will fulfill his word and you will find peace and comfort in him.

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